5 simple habits that can lead to stress free mornings!

Getting out of bed in the morning can be hard. Who in the world hasn't been tempted by the thought of just 10 more minutes of sleep..

It turns out, there are a whole host of things you can do to make waking up that little bit easier. Here are some of them:


1. Minimise decision making


Every decision we make in the morning takes time and energy. Some people find themselves making the same mundane decisions over and over again. These might include:

What should I wear today? What shampoo or perfume should I use? What music do I feel like listening to? What should I have for breakfast?

The power of simplifying these decisions through repetition has been shown to reduce stress and improve productivity.


2. Eat a healthy breakfast


One of the most important keys to a stress-free morning is consuming a meal that will help maintain energy levels until lunch. This is easily achievable by choosing the right foods. 

Berries, oats, nuts, seeds, fruit, and veg are all highly recommended. A combination of all the above will provide a nutritionally balanced ideal meal. Try to avoid overly refined foods, especially refined grains and sugars, and limit your caffeine intake to reduce anxiety.

A lot of people feel like they don’t have the time to make a healthy breakfast but there are some great services out there that can deliver healthy breakfasts straight to your front door.  


3. Complete a simple task, such as making your bed


    The faster you complete the first task of the day the better. By completing a small task, especially something that is not already part of your daily routine, you will feel a small sense of pride. It will encourage you to do another task, and another, and another. 

    By the time the day is over that one small task from the morning will have led to a very productive day.

    The completion of a simple task also reinforces the notion that the little things matter. If you can’t efficiently nail the little challenges you face throughout your day, you will struggle to complete the bigger tasks.

    Another reason we advocate making your bed as the first simple task of the day: there’s nothing better than coming home to a cosy, well-made bed, especially if your day wasn’t as productive as you would’ve liked. This simple yet important comfort can act as reassurance that tomorrow will be a better day.


    4. Meditate


    We like to describe meditation as a form of exercise for your mind. An easy way to integrate meditation into your daily routine is by simply taking 10 minutes out of your morning to sit in an upright seated position with your eyes closed.

    Keep your feet flat on the ground and focus solely on taking deep breaths. We promise it’s a much more effective strategy to keep stress, anxiety, and cluttered thoughts at bay than scrolling through social media for those 10 minutes!


    5. Prepare your things the night before


    There is nothing more frustrating than spending an unnecessary eight minutes looking for your wallet and keys every day. They never seem to be where you think you left them! Keep a box with your name on it by the front door and get into the habit of keeping all your important items in the same place every day.


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