What the experts say about the best way to start the day. 5 part series: Part 4

Indra Nooyi is PepsiCo’s first ever female CEO. With over $65bn in revenue annually and a presence in more than 200 countries, it’s safe to say there’s no shortage of work for its leader.

Examining how such a busy person begins their day is a great way to gather some insights about how we can become more productive ourselves.

Indra wakes up at 4am every morning. She has famously said that sleep is something she needs very little of and feels fresh with only four hours. Once up, she goes straight for a shower and spends 10 minutes meditating. She then catches up on some news before getting a couple hours of work done in the peace and quiet of the early morning, when distractions are at a minimum.

After this routine, it’s a quick goodbye to the family before she’s off to the office. She arrives at 7:30am every day and usually consumes a balanced breakfast smoothie during morning meetings.

While we may envy the fact that she doesn’t need as much sleep as the average person, this is definitely quite extreme. Most people require approximately eight hours a night, so this definitely doesn’t work for everyone! Despite this, it has been found that waking up earlier can lead to a more productive day as there are definitely less distractions so early in the morning.

Let us know what your morning routine is below!

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