What is riise?

Riise are an on the go breakfast company. We make healthy and convenient breakfasts in a sustainable a way as possible

Is 1 drink really enough for breakfast?

Yes! With the help of nutritionalists we've worked backwards from what you need for breakfast. In each drink there is a combinations of

- Slow releasing energy from the complex carbs (oats) and the healthy fats (almonds)

- Quick releasing energy from the fruit

- A combination of a high protein and fibre which helps keep you feel full until lunch 

- Vitamins and antioxidants from the fruit and vegetables

What does activated almonds mean?

Activated almonds are almonds which have been soaked in water for over 24 hours.  

Are the drinks gluten free?

At the moment all our drinks contain Oats which have traces of gluten. Over the summer we will be launching a nut free and gluten free version of our drinks

Why Plant Based? 

Our mission is to make breakfast the plant based meal of choice. We are committed to plant based for 3 reasons:

- Environmental

- Ethical

- Health

How can you claim to be sustainable when your drinks are in plastic bottles? 

There are many angles to sustainability. The ingredients of the product is one, and the packaging is another. Having just plant based ingredients is much more sustainable that products that contain dairy or meat. This includes

  • Amount of land required to farm
  • Carbon emission
  • Amount of fresh water required to farm

We use plastic bottles, as we cold press and HPP our juices. This is a process that involves applying high pressure to the outside of the filled bottle in order to kill bacteria in a manner which preserves all the nutrients of the food (unlike heat treatment). This process is impossible with glass or cardboard.

Additionally we use 100% recycled PET, and are looking to move to biodegradable materials as soon as they are widely available. We have specially designed our labels to be easily removable from the bottles, as labels need to be separated from bottles in order for both to be recycled.

In addition, we are working with councils from around the country to ensure out bottles get recycled. Depending on your postcode, when you order online we will include a recycling bag for your relevant council.